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The Mission Emergency Fundraising Kit

Below are five key elements of an Emergency Fundraising Kit that we've designed specifically to help hospital foundations.

Each Kit includes a customizable emergency appeal video, a video-enabled microsite, an initial e-appeal with video, a follow-up e-appeal with video and a donor thank you delivered via email. We've optimized each element to maximizing giving during these challenging times. 


We're offering this customizable package at a reduced cost, to do our part while you do yours.

We will be accepting clients on a first come, first served basis to ensure high quality campaigns and unprecedented fundraising results. Please reach out to us today to see how our Kit can work for you.

Kit Element 1 - Emergency Appeal Video

(click here or click image below to watch)

emergency video mockup.jpg

Kit Element 2 - Emergency Appeal Microsite

(click image below to zoom in)


Kit Element 3 - Emergency Appeal Email Series - Email 1

(click image below to zoom in)

EMAIL 1 3.jpg

Kit Element 4 - Emergency Appeal Email Series - Email 2

(click image below to zoom in)

EMAIL 2 3.jpg

Kit Element 5 - Emergency Appeal Email Series - Thank You Email

(click image below to zoom in)

EMAIL 3 3.jpg

You've got a world to save. We're here to help.

Contact Us Now for your Emergency Fundraising Kit

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