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How to Strengthen Your Creative Muscle

Everyone has a creative side, some more than others. If you are struggling to find the creativity within you, all you need is a little brain workout.

First, don’t be so hard on yourself, maybe your harshness is the reason your creativity has yet to show itself. Be sure to encourage it, and don’t scare it away.

Second, learn to take risks with your creative side. How will you know if you never try? Taking risks can also be beneficial to help you decide what you like to do, or don’t. Maybe its painting you enjoy, or knitting.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Third, make time to be creative. You might live a busy lifestyle. Jetting from place to place every week for work, but finding time to be creative will give you a chance to decompress, and master your skills even more. The more time you put towards your creativity, the stronger your muscle will become.

Fourth, find inspiration in everyday life. If the sky looks exceptionally blue today, take a picture of it, paint it later or write a poem. Some of the most creative people are the ones who are able to see inspiration in anything. Things that we would normally pass by or look at without a thought. Next time take a second to observe, and it might help spark your creative side.

Fifth, be proud of your work. With every new thing you create it is a step in the right direction. Even embrace your mistakes, or pieces you felt flopped. They still represent what you were creatively trying to accomplish at the time and that is a work in progress. Be confident in your work.

Everyone has the potential to live a creative life. Begin yours today! .


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