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Great, Not Great


Increase brand awareness and acquire new donors while diversifying the demographic. Trans Canada Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world that is connected but uncompleted and suffers from natural deterioration and lacks accessibility in some areas.



Mission produced a TV PSA and a series of comedic online video ad vignettes to showcase the natural beauty and needs of the trail, hosted by Canadian comedian Ron James. Mission created conversion-based landing pages in English and French, along with targeted social media assets. This campaign was supported with an email onboarding series that included videos featuring Canadian celebrity supporter Valerie Pringle.

Client  //

Trans Canada Trail

Type of Fundraising Solution //

Donor Acquisition

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Expertise & Deliverables //


(fundraising strategy + creative + video + digital + media + analytics)

Cross-platform media buying

TV - 30 sec PSAs

Online - 45 sec video vignettes

Mobile responsive landing page with video looper, thank you page and digital experience

Landing page video and thank you videos

Digital display ads

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube video ads

Trans Canada Trail - 30s TV PSA
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